Rhodes benefits from the desirable Mediterranean climate of hot, sunny summers and mild winters. The island's 300 days of sunshine per year have helped make it the popular tourist destination it is today.


Rhodes enjoys long, hot summers where sunshine reigns and rainfall is very unlikely. This makes it the main tourist season for the island. June to September can be classed as the summer Weather period. The average high temperature sits at 28C at the beginning and end of the season, reaching a peak of 31C in July and August. Day time temperatures can reach into the high 30s, usually if the sirocco wind from the Sahara blows bringing with it the hot, dry weather of the desert. The temperature rarely drops below 20C even at night throughout the summer. Relief from the heat of the high summer comes to Rhodes in the form of the northwest Meltimi wind. This prevails from May till October and is strongest between July and September when it is most needed. Coastal areas receive the main benefit of the meltemi as it looses strength inland or is blocked by the mountainous terrain. Rain is almost unheard of in the summer months, especially in July and August which average 0.1mm of rain each. June and September will see only one rainy day per month on average. Expect plenty of sunshine and hot weather during the summer, and make sure to pack your sun cream.


Autumn sees very pleasant temperatures. This makes it a good time to visit the island if you want fewer tourists or an energetic break - summer can be too hot for cycling around the island or other strenuous activities. The sea is still warm enough for swimming, remaining above 20C until late November