The Beaches of Rhodes – Eastern Coast

The best beaches in Rhodes are found on the eastern coast. The eastern coast is sheltered and with only moderate winds. It is possible to find uncrowded stretches of coast even during the high season. However, to explore the many beaches that Rhodes offers, it is best to hire a car. There are frequent buses that travel the east coast from Rhodes town as far as south to the village of Gennadi. However, bus stops are not conveniently close to some of the beaches and may require a long trek from the main road.

Thermes Kalithea

Kalithea is approximately 10km from the capital city of Rhodes. The healing warm waters of Kalithea have long since dried up. In the 1920s the Italians built a Spa complex with domed ceilings and mosaic floors in a setting of Palm trees gardens but the buildings fell in disrepair. Fortunately, the buildings are slowly being renovated.The beach of kalithea is in a small beautiful bay and it is an ideal place for snorkeling.There are also several secluded coves nearby that are good for swimming and snorkeling.

Faliraki Beach

The beach is 5 km wide with golden sand throughout. The and it is ideal for children. The sea bottom slopes slowly making the beach ideal for children to play at waters edge. The beach resort of faliraki is the most developed on the island. Organized water sports such as water skiing, wind surfing etc. are available. A small bay at the southern point of Faliraki is popular with nudists. Nudism, although illegal it is tolerated.


This is a sandy and pebble beach and basically it is a Hotel Resort similar to Faliraki. The resort serve is smaller and quieter than its neighbour Faliraki. The hotels are situated to the left and to the right of the beach. The beach has organized water sports.

Ladiko Beach (Anthony Quinn Bay)

The bay is romantic, secluded with deep emerald waters. Just 15km from Rhodes and only 3km from Faliraki, it is actually two coves back to back. It has a pebbly beach on the north side and volcanic rock on the south side. The bay is romantic, secluded and with the deep emerald waters makes it one of the most beautiful spots in Rhodes. It does have sharp rocks in and out of the water and therefore it may not be ideal for small children. However, it most frequented by young adults, especially Italians during the month of August.

Afandou Beach

South of Ladiko beach is the beach of Afandou. It is approximately 22 km from Rhodes. The long and large beach is mostly sand and pebbles.. It is a quite beach with a few tavernas nearby. A golf course is also nearby for those who want to play a few holes of golf.


Tsambika Beach

This is one of the nicest beaches on Rhodes. It is wide with fine golden sand and stretches for about one kilometer. Crystal clear waters to swim in and unlike Faliraki, this beach is not developed. The Monastery Panaghia Tsambika with the same name sits 1000 meters high on a nearby rock.


Stegna Beach

Stegna beach is situated approximately 32kms from the capital city Rhodes. From Archangelos, a winding and mostly downhill road leads to a secluded picturesque harbour. The beach is sandy with pebbles and has organized water sports. Traditional restaurants and tavernas are at the sea front.

Haraki Beach

Haraki beach with the small harbour is very picturesque. The beach is sandy with pebbles. It is mostly pebbles on the right side and sand on the left side. The beach is surrounded with accommodation,restaurants, tavernas and bars. The beach is not recommended for children. The waters are deep at a short distance from the shore. There is no gradual slope as you walk in.

Agathi Beach

It is a beautiful, sheltered beach with golden sand. The bottom slopes very gently making it ideal for children to play at the edge of the water. This beach is haven. It is 36kms from Rhodes. The beach is off the road that leads to Haraki. Just follow the signs. There is no development on Agathi beach. Three canteens offer refreshments and snacks, as well as sun beds and umbrellas. Shower and toilet facilities are offered by the canteens.

Kalathos Beach

Kalathos beach is about six kilometers from Lindos on the way to Rhodes. It is accessible by bus but you have to walk about a kilometer. There is a hotel near the beach. The beach itself is but pebbles near the sea. The beach is very long approximately 4 kilometer long and not crowded. There is sunbeds and umbrellaswith a cantina nearby but there is restaurants further away. The sea is crystal clear but it slopes rather sharply.

Vlicha Beach

The beach is approximately 52 kms from Rhodes or more precisely it is 3 kms north of Lindos and situated in a nice large bay. The beach is sandy with pebbles and slopes rather sharply as you enter the sea. Organized sports are available as well as some tavernas and super markets. The beach has a hotel on the north side, a hotel in the middle of the beach and two hotels on the south side. Self catering accommodation is available nearby.

Lindos Beaches

There are four beaches within walking distance from the main square of Lindos. The main beach, also called "Megalos Gialos" is a long sandy beach, well protected by the natural harbour with its two islands at the entrance. The sea slopes gently remaining shallow for quite a long way. It is ideal for children to play along the shore since there is no waves during the summer months. It offers sunbeds, umbrellas, and changing facilities, restaurants and rental of pedaloes.

To the right of the main beach is the smaller beach where the elders called Mikros Gialos(Small sea) but now it is referred to as Pallas beach. There is rocks to the right side of the beach near the boat jetty but most of the beach is sandy and slopes gently. Again, it is ideal for children playing near the shore with practically no waves to think of. Facilities are similar to the main beach with with sunbeds, umbrellas, changing facilities and a number of restarants and a mini market. Water sports facilities are just beyond the boat jetty and a glass bottom boat operates hourly tours from the boat jetty.

At the foot of the Acropolis and on the south end of the village is the picturesque St. Paul's Bay. The sea is not very deep. it has approximately six meters depth and is excellent for snorkelling. There are two beaches in this bay. On the side near the Acropolis, the beach is a mix of sand and gravel. The beach is small for approximatelly 50 persons. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available.There is a cafe, sort of a cantina with chairs and tables, located on the rocks just above the beach that offers basic food, cold drinks and beer. On the other side of the bay is a larger beach with golden sand. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also available with changing facilities. There is also a restaurant located very close to the beach which is also open in the evening. St. Paul's chapel is located on this side of the bay. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Paul, one of the Apostles who visited Lindos in 43 AD to preach Christianity. The bay is photogenic and therefore it is a very popular location for weddings.

Pefkos Beach

Pefkos is 5 kms west of Lindos. Pefkos has a number of beaches but the main one, called Lee beach is in the center of the village. Kavos is north of the main beach and St. Thomas and Plakia beaches are on the south side. The main beach is a long and narrow sandy beach and gently slopes as you enter the sea. The beach has organized water sports and tavernas are nearby but not on the beach.

Kiotari Beach

It is a long, sandy with pebbles beach situated in front of a tourist resort. Most of the sunbathers on the beach are guests from the hotel. The beach is organized with sun beds, umbrellas and sea sports. Kiotari is approximately 60 kms south from Rhodes and about 10 kms south from Lardos.

Gennadi Beach

Glystra Beach

It is a small beach, situated at a distance of 55 kms from Rhodes and it is about 11 kms south of Lindos and just after Lardos. The beach with fine golden sand is in a small cove surrounded with lush vegetation. It is quiet and not too crowded. The beach is organized offering sun beds, umbrellas and sea sport such as pedalos and canoes. The sea slopes slowly making it suitable for children. The beach can be seen from the main road as you drive passed it.

Prassonisi Beach

At the southern end of island is a small islet called Prassonisi. The name means "Green Island. In the summer months, the small islet is separated from the mainland by just a narrow sand strip and it is possible to walk across. Not so in the winter months. There are times in the summer when the wind increases to the point where the waves of the Aegean cover the strip. This strip of land separates the Mediterranean and the Aegean. You will notice that Mediterranean sea is often dead calm while the Aegean is windy with rough seas. This is surreal!

It is a paradise for wind and kite surfers, especially in July and August when the Meltemi winds occur. The Meltemi are the northern winds from the Balkans. The beach is before the sand strip that leads to the Islet. The sandy beach is long and wide. Sun beds and parasols are available plus a few restaurants offering excellent food.